Tests with Nematocid

At Fitonutrient, we have carried out an assay to evaluate the efficacy and selectivity of Nematocid®, a product formulated from plant extracts, which complies with EC Regulation 889/2008 for Ecological production, in the control of pathogens that affect the roots and produce malformations in these. Specifically, the efficacy of Nematocid® against nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne spp. in Capsicum annuum, henceforth pepper, and in Solanum lycopersicum, hereinafter tomato.

After having studied the behavior of Nematocid® at different concentrations (12.5 and 7.5) and comparing the results obtained with other nematicidal products present on the market, of chemical origin and from plant extracts, we conclude that it is the product with the best results. offers with respect to the set of parameters studied (root infestation, productivity, bearded, appearance and maturation of fruits). We can also conclude that at lower concentration (7.5 l / ha) provides very good results, both in productivity, appearance and maturation of fruits as in the bearded and degree of infestation of the roots.

Here you have the rehearsals:



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