About us

Fertilizer manufacture

W e are a close, open, versatile and fast service company that offers its specialties, its nutrients of high concentration in active matters.

Throughout our tour, the Fitonutrient team has been dedicated to researching the needs of producers, with the intention of creating the most suitable products for the modern field.

T his is what has led us to create products in which the quality of the raw materials, the dedication in the manufacture and the efficiency in the field, is united with a single objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

Classified by groups according to the purpose for which they are available we have:

Foliar fertilizers for initiation, development or consolidation.

Biostimulants that includes amino acids of both animal and plant origin, rooting, algae extracts.

Deficiency correctors that provide essential micronutrients for plants both by foliar and root routes.

The specific fertilizers that they intend to favor in the moments of greater need of the plant of a key element of immediate form.

Phosphites, products that favor the formation of self-defenses.

Specialties in which we include fertilizers that also provide other properties in the preparations where they are used, drying properties of snails and slugs, nematode properties, dispersing properties, wetting, pH buffering or regulating thereof, etc.