Nematocid ecológico

Solución a base de hierro y extracto vegetal


The formulation of this product is exceptional to quickly supply organic matter and iron to the soil. This contribution acts as a stimulant of the root system increasing the plant's defenses against external agenes and attacks of parasites that live in the soil.

The increase of the defenses and the development of a strong root system will increase the yield of the plant.

Because of its iron content, it also prevents and corrects deficiency states.

Its formulation from vegetable extracts does not leave undesirable residues in the cultures, reason why it can be applied at any time of the year and in all the desired cultures.


Iron (Fe) soluble in water 2.5% w / w, Total Iron (Fe) 2.5% w / w. Fertigation: 8-12 L / Ha (a concentration of the product of 5-8 cc / L is recommended.) Apply at the time of planting and at 20-25 days as prevention.

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